Cant see IP in active call list


Im using this command to see active calls in my Asterisk 1.8 server ,

watch “asterisk -vvvvvrx ‘core show channels verbose’”

But, it does not show IP of the incoming channel anywhere. I need to see the IP. Can anyone please tell me whats wrong ?

Thanks in advanced!


If you are talking about SIP channels, you can issue a ‘sip show channels’ which will provide you the IP address of each call legs.



Assuming this as a SIP channel, suggest you to check ‘peer’ field of ‘sip show channels’.

–Satish Barot


Thanks for your reply. “sip show channels” shows the IP. but, other information like A number, B number, call duration is not present there.

This is the output i get through asterisk -vvvvvrx ‘core show channels verbose’.

Channel              Context              Extension        Prio State   Application  Data                      CallerID        Duration Accountcode PeerAccount BridgedTo
IAX2/mypeer-30546    mypeer                                   1 Up      AppDial      (Outgoing Line)           178880171010554 00:06:55                         SIP/mypeer-000043be
IAX2/mypeer-18582    mypeer                                   1 Up      AppDial      (Outgoing Line)           178880171098566 00:22:22                         SIP/mypeer-00004341
SIP/mypeer-000043dd  mypeer               1788801939197306    1 Up      Dial         IAX2/mypeer/1788801939197 Kader/e         00:02:55                         IAX2/mypeer-23523

You can see under channel it shows the peer name. But in my other server I can see IP instead of peer name. As far as I concern we have same configuration in both servers. Can someone please tell me what can be the possible reason for this? or how to fix this?

Calling and called numbers are applicable to all channel types. IP addreses are specific to SIP. That is why they are separate.

You will get an IP address against a SIP channel if you have allowguest enabled (a bad idea, normally) and the call failed to match a sip.conf entry. You also get it, on the outgoing side, if you specify an address that is not the name of a sip.conf entry, in your Dial parameters.