SIP show peer Question

I am trying to figure something out here. A sip show peer from the cli shows the extension number, the IP and the status. I am curious as to how the status time is derived. Using a simple ping test is much quicker. The time seems to be different from one phone manufacturer. I use it as a measure as to how the phones are communicating to the server. Any info on this is much appreciated.

sip show peers doesn’t show the extension number, it shows the resource name. Best practice is that these should be different, with the resource name being unguessable.

The time in the status time is the round trip time for an OPTIONS request and its response. It is possible the peer has some sort of scheduler that means that such responses are only generated at certain times.

Thanks for the reply David55. I have a system that has several Aastra 6731i phones (25) with several of them showing a status of 25 at one time and jumping to over 100 for a time, sometimes higher. The client is experiencing slow response and intermittant audio. The IT guy insists that his testing of ping times is enough. He (IT guy) can’t understand that 25ms is a good number and that I am not worried. I am worried that the status is all over the place. I want a separate network. The PC plugs into the phone in most cases. I think his network cabling is crap. He wants to sit at his desk several states away and ping everything. Sorry for the rant.

Thanks for the clarification

What is the ping delay’s in the local network?

To be totally honest, I never gave much emphasis on the SIP Options delay trip that Asterisk shows in “sip show peers” if the values were below 200ms. I usually don’t have any network related issues if the IP Phones are contained inside the LAN.

For the clients that have problems with the phones - use a packet sniffer to sniff the traffic that reaches the phone and prove the packet loss to the IT guy :wink:

I start to worry when they jump around. In this case I noticed last night that a couple of them were over 1000! Those were the ones that were jumping over 90 from 15 at various times. Maybe I am just to picky. Ping times according to the IT guy were 1 to 2 ms. I didn’t do the network so the wiring could be wrapped around electrical wires for all I know. We are leaning on rewiring for the phones and leaving the network guy to himself.


Sounds like the network is optimised for ICMP echo!