Can't dial out all of a sudden! please help!

ok, so my phone system was working fine this morning… now, all of a sudden, i can’t make outgoing calls.

i have an asterisk box with 2 PSTN lines coming in to a TDM400p, which i use for incoming calls. i have 2 broadvoice lines for outbound calls.

right now, i can send and receive calls over the pstn lines. when i try to dial out on my broadvoice lines, the phone rings, but when the other end answers it is silent for 30 seconds, then the call is dropped by asterisk. the outside user can still hear audio, but i can’t hear them.

here is what i see on the console when i make a call

    -- Executing Dial("SIP/107-5350", "SIP/xxxxxxx@broadvoice1") in new stack
    -- Called xxxxxxx@broadvoice1
    -- SIP/broadvoice1-83fe is ringing
    -- SIP/broadvoice1-83fe answered SIP/107-5350
    -- Attempting native bridge of SIP/107-5350 and SIP/broadvoice1-83fe
  == Spawn extension (admin, 9xxxxxxx, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/107-5350'

i haven’t made any config changes to my asterisk box today, so i have no idea why this would all of a sudden start acting up. this occurs on all of my phones including a polycom 501, sipura 841, an analog phone on a sipura 2002, and a softphone. i have tried restarting both asterisk, and the computer itself. no luck.

any ideas?


ok, so all of a sudden, things are working again. might this have been an issue with broadvoice?

Would seem so.