Broadvoice Service Outage

Hello all, I just signed up with broadvoice today and they appear to be having a problem handing incoming calls. Meaning when we dial our number we get a fax carrier tone instead of a ringing signal, I’m checking to see if anyone else is having this problem. We are located in Southern California.

Callers who call my Broadvoice number get no audio, and I can’t hear them. The codec is ulaw.
They are now supporting g.729, and that also does not work.
I have not been able to use them for a number of days.

I did not expect five nines, I would settle for two. But not even one is crazy.

The real problem though, is that you can’t communicate with them.
You are on hold 'till you give up, emails are ignored.

All I ask for is some status info.

Are there alternatives with flat rate international calling?
If yes, I am gone…

If users can connect to your Asterisk box that sounds more like a problem with your Asterisk setup. The problem I’m having is that when someone calls the number they don’t even get to the Asterisk box, the Broadvoice network is fouled up somewhere. Can anyone recommend a better VOIP service that is asterisk friendly?

Now, if you call my broadvoice number you get a busy.
Asterisk is still registered with broadvoice.

I have not changed a thing. It worked for a week, and then started to do strange things. The symptoms change, my setup does not.

If they would just tell us the system status…

Well, let’s see what happens tomorrow.

broadvoice is definitely down for many users. i can receive calls but no outgoing.

here is their announcement…

Service Notes

We are currently experiencing in-bound call issues with a carrier partner in some areas. We are aware of the issue and our engineers are working to have it resolved as soon as possible.

I originally chose broadvoice because i could get the DID i wanted (and they were asterisk friendly). Now im looking to switch but havent found a good deal yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Broadvoice is working for me again outgoing and incoming.
Outgoing g.729 is now supported, sounds pretty good too.
Incoming is still ulaw.
Why this asymmetry is anybodies guess.

Let’s see how long it stays up this time.

Since I don’t depend on them, I can afford to stay with them a while longer.

Anybody else have their service restored?

Try VoicePulse. I have never had a problem with them (but then again, I’ve never had to call them yet).

They have standard type plans like Vonage (

or plans specifically designed for Asterisk. They even support IAX, in addition to SIP.

Yea we have been using voicepulse for about 2 months now. no problems at all.