Broadvoice trouble!

I have registered a broadvoice account and followed the instruction to setup my asterisk configuration files.

but both the inbound and outbound calls are not avaliable. accoding to the debug information of the sip module. I found that for a outbound call:

  1. send an INVITE to broadvoice.
  2. resonse a 100 Trying
  3. no other message until the timeout.

for a incoming call:

  1. got an invite message from Broadvoice
  2. response an ok message
  3. BYE command from broadvice
  4. reponse an ok for BYE
  5. some Retransmitting of the OK message in step 2.

In addition, I even can’t use the Call Manager feature on the broadvoice web page to dial or receive call.

Could anybody give me any solution?