Asterisk is no longer able to connect on outbound calls

About 9:30 this morning my system was no longer able to make outbound calls over my broadvoice service. I could dial other extensions internally but making an outbound call would get me “We’re sorry, your call cannot be completed at this time. Please hang up and try again later”. My inbound calls were also being affected but just testing a few minutes ago it’s now working once again. This is shortly after I had placed a coulple of support calls to Broadvoice. I’m seeing the following information in my asterisk log…

SIP/broadvoice-23c5 answered SIP/203-17d3
Jan 23 19:16:47 VERBOSE[1750]: – Attempting native bridge of SIP/2003-17d3 and SIP/broadvoice-23c5
Jan 23 19:16:47 DEBUG[1750]: Stopping retransmission on ‘f085881083cfa262@’ of Response 45948: Found
Jan 23 19:16:47 DEBUG[1750]: Ooh, format changed from unknown to ulaw
Jan 23 19:16:47 DEBUG[1750]: Ooh, format changed from unknown to ulaw
Jan 23 19:16:57 DEBUG[1750]: Didn’t get a frame from channel: SIP/2003-17d3
Jan 23 19:16:57 DEBUG[1750]: Bridge stops bridging channels SIP/203-17d3 and SIP/broadvoice-23c5
Jan 23 19:16:57 DEBUG[1750]: update_user_counter(6731234174) - decrement outUse counter

Any ideas or is this a service provider issue? It just seems a little strange since changes haven’t been made to the system for almost three weeks.



broadvoice pooched something.

Ahhh, that makes sense. I just had a friend call me and his number showed up as some out of state long distance number even though he’s only 10-15 miles from my place. That’s nice to know I have a reliable provider on my side. :smile: