Cannot get to voicemail when I call in to Asterisk

I am running A@H 1.1 (and downloading the ISO for 1.3 right now).
I have have created two extensions and can call from one to the other with the xten-lite soft phone. Both extensions answer and work fine.

If I do not answer the call will go to the extension’s voicemail.

I have a DID with I can call out from a softphone to my cell phone or land line and it works fine.

I can call the DID number from the landline or cell phone and I get the digital receptionist. If I enter an extension number the associated softphone rings and if answered everything works fine.

The problem comes if I don’t answer the softphone. After a few rings the voicemail never picks up and all I hear is a click and then silence. After a few seconds Asterisk hangs up.

This happens to both extensions. It also happens if I configure the incoming calls to go to an extension instead of the digital receptionist. As soon as the call is answered I hear the click, silence, and then the hangup.

I also have an X100P - FXO PCI Card and can call in and out with it on my PSTN line. When I call in the exact same thing happens as when I call the DID and answer with a softphone.

I do not have an ATA or any VOIP hardphones so I cannot test those yet.

I am using SIP only and the Asterisk box is sitting behind a Linksys WRT-54G router/firewall. I have not opened any ports. I do not think this is causing a problem since I can call both in and out on the softphones and get a good connection.

Voicemail works fine if I dial *411 from a softphone and am connected to an extension from a directory lookup.

Any ideas on why voicemail never answers when I call in?

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