Cannot disable call forwarding

Hi, we have a ring group set up to go to the cell phone of one of our sales persons so that when she’s out of the office she can set up unconditional call forwarding (*72) to the ring group (i.e. her cell phone). When she returns to the office she just disables call forwarding (*73) and calls ring to her extension.

It’s been working well for a while but now when you call her extension it always routes to the ring group, even though she disabled call forwarding.

Any ideas why that might be happening?

Asterisk (*@Home)


look in the Asterisk full log for dialparties.agi … is it reporting that callforward for this user is on ? or look at the ASTDB (where your implementation stores the CF keys) and set the appropriate there.

have you checked the FreePBX forums for a bug report. i think someone reported the same thing here a week or so ago and when pointed there came back with a bug number.

In the log it indicates that call forwarding and do not disturbed are disabled.

These two lines in the log file seem to indicate that a 302 redirect triggers the call forwarding.
Got SIP response 302 “Moved Temporarily” back from
Found 302 Redirect to extension ‘100’

That’s the IP address of the VoIP Phone (A Polycom SoundPoint 501). Could that be the source of the problem?

i would think so. it would appear that Call Forwarding has been set on that phone.