Cannot connect softphone to Asterisk

I am running Asterisk on the cloud Amazon EC2 instance. And I have every single port open for all protocols for both incoming and outbound traffic. My firewall is not even active in my instance.

And I still cannot register a softphone to my Asterisk PBX.

I am using the Zoiper Softphone on Windows 8.1.

The weird thing is that I cannot understand why does’nt Asterisk listen on a port for peer registrations ?

I mean on what port does Asterisk run on ?

By issuing the command ss on my box I cannot find a single entry for Asterisk.

I have registered my provider to Asterisk and it works fine, which means inbound connections can come in.

When I run nc -l 5060 and then check if my port is open from any online port checker I find that it is open. But otherwise it is shown as closed.

Any suggestions ?

My SIP peer registration is as follows-:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The default listening port for SIP is 5060/UDP. nc is a TCP tool and TCP is not enabled by default (you need to have tcpenable=yes in the general section).

Well it seems that my ISP was blocking port 5060, so I changed my Asterisk server to listen on port 50600 for incoming softphones. Now I can connect to my PBX without any issues. Thanks anyways.

A good video tutorial can be found here