Can the Queue Application work with an external server?

Is it possible to provision a Digium phone with DPMA so that the Queue Application can be used to login, logout, and see overview information on a queue that has been set up on an Asterisk server that isn’t the one that the Digium phone is registered to on its primary line? The DPMA wiki section that describes the Queue Application has a bit of text in the description of the “location” option that appears to point in this direction but I may just be reading into that some wishful thinking on my part…


Wishful thinking, sorry. It’s tied to app_queue as local to the server on which the phone’s primary line resides.


Well, that wasn’t what I was wishing for but thanks for the quick reply! We are starting to roll out quite a few Digium D40’s and D70’s in our enterprise and use multiple servers for redundancy and for offloading voicemail, queuing, and conferencing to “feature servers”. DPMA is working well in this environment and makes provisioning for a lot of phones very easy to manage. Here’s hoping applications and features show up in the near term for DPMA and Digium phones that can take multiple server arrangements into account!

While we’re not in the process of writing any such application, that doesn’t mean you can’t.