Custom ringtone on calls from queue

Using Asterisk 11 w/ Digium phones & the DPMA 1.6. Our IVR has two options that will both ring to the front office queue, but I’d like the second queue to set a custom ringtone. I’ve successfully used the SIPAddHeader application to have custom ringtones with the Dial application, but that doesn’t seem to affect calls that go through from the queue.

If anyone has any wisdom to share, I’d be appreciative.

That’s strange. It works for me:

exten => 200,1,NoOp()
same => n,Answer()
same => n,SIPAddHeader("Alert-Info: <ringding>")
same => n,Queue(sales-queue)

Asterisk 11.4-ish

I dial 200, I hear my ringding ringtone, which is not the default ringtone for my phones, on each of my called phones. It works for both permanent Queue members (defined statically in queues.conf, e.g. SIP/101), as well as login/logout members who’ve logged themselves in via the Queues app on the phone.

Ok, I’ll double check everything. Likely an error on my part then. Thanks for confirming it’s possible!