Asterix voice service


I have never setup an asterix server however I know how to use linux as am LPI certified; I intend to use asterix for premium voice services and below are the features I want;

FYI my asterix server has about 15 channels and am using one premium number.

1- I want my asterix to be able to forward all incoming call to different mobile numbers i.e if users (X) call my Premium Number (Y), the call gets to the servers and the server then forwards/diverts/sends the call responsible person(s) (Z)

If this is possible, what hardware do i need, and what feature do i need so that so many callers (x) can at onetime make calls which can be forwards to person(s) (Z) at ago without necessarily waiting. Should i have so many premium numbers so that I reduce a chance of my users waiting or having their calls rejects when line is busy ?

2- I also want to be able to record the calls, i have a feeling there is a software to this?

3- I want to also have statistics for the calls.

Waiting to hear from any assistance.


  1. You’ll need one number but n channels for this number where n depends on the amount of parallel inbound calls You’re expecting. Dependend on the technology Your premium number is delivered to You (T1, E1, PRI, Analog) You’ll need the appropriate correspondending hardware (mediagateway or telephony card).
    Additionaly You’ll need capacity for the “call forwarding” If it’s inhouse (hard- or softphones) YouÄll need no additionaly external lines otherwise You’ll need as much additional channels as You calculated fpr inbound traffic.

  2. that’s standard/included into asterisk, only configuration is needed

  3. that’s standard/included into asterisk, only configuration is needed

Thanks abw1oim

FYI - we expect about 100 - 1000 call per day with about minimum of 10 calls per hr

We shall have E1 connection, the call forward/diverts isnt in house, how its going to work; we want users to call the premium number and when call reaches our asterix server, the server just diverts it to the respective person(s)’ mobile number.

By hardware, u mean like an ISDN card, I guess I will need one which is asterix tested; With the hardware in place will i need anything more to do call forwarding or all that will remain is about ocnfiguration?


E1 connection omplies E1 card or gateway. If You choose a card it would’nt be the worst idea to choose a Digium one :smile:

All other requirements are part of Your configuration (1000 calls per day = 45 per hour with min of 10 and peak of ??? will not require special hardware requirements to the asterisk server if the hardware is a standard nowaday’s server).


I have chosen to use DIGIUM card since it already has supplies in Africa but I have a few more questions;-

1- In my scenario I want to have voice premium services from different Telecom companies, I would rather have a solution that can accomodate this, therefore I would like to know which DIGIUM card card can fit what i want.

2- With all i stated, do i only need the DIGIUM Card to achieve all i want, for example have IVR services, call diverts to mobile and call center ?

3- Is it also configuration based to have calls balanced so that Ican make it possible that if on channel had call through already, then when next call come it can be to a new channel (one that didnt recieve )

Thanks, I believe i will get the best advise.



I am requesting for advise/assistance with my inquiry in my earlier post above


You are asking for a level of support, which if you cannot get it by reading things like http;//, you should expect to use paid consultancy. There is a Biz & Jobs forum for requesting such consultancy.

Peer support forums are best for well researched single issue problems.

If you are asking for advice/support with a Digium card, you can get pre-sale advice or post-sale support directly from Digium (