Can i get my plugged in pri pilot and did numbers

Hi All,

Is their is any way to find all the DID numbers of plugged in PRIs on my asterisk server,
any command or any script.

EXPLAIN : -a pri plugged in into first port of my asterisk server digium card. i want to know the all busy and free DID numbers of first PRI. LIKE busy (XXXXXXX1, XXXXXXXX5) free (XXXXXXX2, XXXXXXX3, XXXXXXX4)

Thanks in Advance

The simple answer is no. You can not request that information from the ISDN network.
You need to contact your PRI provider or check your invoice.

You may be able to figure out the pilot number, by making an outbound call to your cell phone without any CALLERID() settings. The calling number should show the pilot number of the PRI. Depends on the carrier.

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