Need Help with PRI-----Please Help Urgent

I Want to detect the “DID Number” on asterisk.and want to route calls on to different locations based on this number detection.
suppose i have two pri’s with the following numbers.

supose caller dial 111-292-897 and i should be able to detect that which no was dialed and based on this number i want to direct the callers to different locations.

if any one can help me in this regard, i will be gratefull to him

Muhammad Asif shabbir

This is called “DNIS”. You can just do the following in your extensions.conf:

exten => 111292897,Goto(some,where)
exten => 243365568,Goto(somewhere,else)

and here you are. You will route the calls from each PRI to a different context.


P.S. You can not use the word “urgent” on the forum. On the forum people will help you WHEN they like to and IF THEY like to. Use the word “urgent” with your paid customer support.

thanx for ur reply regarding PRI DID Issue, it worked for me
i have another problem
i am using a1billing . i have genereted some SIP users with a2billing. and have successfully registered them. and also tested that i can check the balance of the card by dialing some number.
now i am not able to dial any number. when ever i get the message to dial the desired number, after checking my balance , i hear this “the number you have dialed is curenlty unavaible pls try later”

has this got to do something with trunks on a1biling , if yes then pls gimme some idea how to configure trunks on a1billing.
or do u have any other solution…
pls help me