Asterisk with PRI using PRI Card

I am new asterisk world, After going through various manual and Websites,
I have completed the installation of Asterisk on PRI Card with Centos6.5,

After installating Asterisk on Centos with PRI card, I have no idea how to Configure Telephone number(ISDN Pri) with my asterisk box.

Kindly provide a detaled info for configuring PRI card with PRI number.

Thanks and Regards
Anshul P

Contact your card supplier.

If it is a genuine, current, Digium card, use For Digium, you will need the card serial number.

You will need to be able to identify the precise telephone service you are using, and it may help to obtain technical details from your service provider.

You can’t realistically expect detailed instructions from a peer support forum.

The steps given on Digium Support Fille i have already done…
But I have not configured the pri number(like ISDN Number which is given by Service provider or the subscriber will call on our number).

So when i call that number it is saying the number dialed by you does not exists or not configured.

How can i play my own message when someone dialed my pri number.

Anshul Porwal