Can i delete the message log file

Hi guys,

can i delete the message log file under /var/log/asterisk/

will it make any negative impact on calling…

I assume you mean /var/log/asterisk/messages.



It won’t, however, save any disk space, as the file will continue to exist, just anonymously, until Asterisk restarts, when the orphaned one will be removed and it will be recreated.

I would strongly advise not disabling it, unless you never intend to ask for support about apparent misoperation of Asterisk, but to do so, you need to edit /etc/asterisk/logger.conf.

Thanks I don’t want to disable this, the size of current log file is more than 1 GB so if i delete and restart the asterisk i bileive this will be created again by default…

and it will not make any negative impact on my calling right?

As I say, it will continue to be written until the file descriptor is closed, so will have no impact on the operation of Asterisk (assuming you don’t explicitly read it in some of your customisation).

I believe logger reload will recycle the file descriptor without needing to wait for a restart.