What would prevent logs from being recreated if they are del



Please excuse the cross post but these seems to be one of those issues that may be answered by a developer or someone with direct administrative knowledge of the deep workings of Asterisk. I have deleted my log files expecting them to be recreated by Asterisk 1.2 but nothing happens after a reboot or any of the log commands in the CLI interface (‘logger restart’, ‘logger rotate’, ‘logger show channels’). What would prevent these files from being recreated and what mechanism recreates these logs after being deleted?



logger reload

It works for me.



Sorry I ment to say ‘logger reload’ instead of ‘logger restart’. I have tried that and it does not work. The problem started when I deleted the ‘full’ and ‘messages’ logs. I have tried not creating then doing the above. Creating empty files and doing the above. I have enven recomplied asterisk and it still does not come back. My next attempt will be to recompile asterisk this weekend but I will delete the logger directory before recomiling to see if this finally fixes this. ARG!!! this is dringing me nuts…



You’d better check permissions on the log directory then. Make sure that the user/group that Asterisk is running as has write permission etc…