Which data delete for increese space on disk?

Good morning
some days ago i received email from my web hostint that inform me about my space on disk is finishing.
I install asterisk on a virtual machine on cloud server and it work very good.

Now i have to delete some data for increese space.
What i can delete for have not any problems?

I think about old logs or other data.
I do not if i recorded the past calls (where ask me if i want record calls i selected on “don’t care”, now i changed and selected on “no”).
In which folder save the calls? So i can see if any file exist and i can delete it.

Thank you

Asterisk won’t ask you whether you want to record calls, so you may want to ask this of the person that wrote the software that did ask you this, however I believe, assuming that the same person hasn’t overridden the defaults, that the recordings are in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor.

I find “du -s *” particularly useful.

Generally if you have disk space issues on Linux, you can use the du command to home in one which directories account for most of the space. Well behaved daemons should only be writing large quantities to /var/spool or /var/log.