Can AsteriskNOW/FreePBX be ported to asterisk 11.5

Hello Asterisk Gurus,
I have a working AsteriskNOW/FreePBX 3.0.0 distro running on a VMware esxi 5 server.
After about a month of messing around, I now have;
cisco 7970G phone (for dial in (the free UK 0845 number used)
voip discount (for dial out)
cisco spa 3102 (for linking home phone in)
couple of soft phones running 3cx.
all working on the asterisk now (centos OS) / freepbx vm on my esxi 5 hp microserver.

I have a qnap ts-269 pro that runs ipkg but can’t run freepbx on it. is it easy to port the files from asterisk now / freepbx to just asterisk, or should I just buy another raspberry pi to run pbx in a flash on instead.

do I loose any functionality or pretty much the same (I’m not running a call centre or anything special, might buy another cisco ip phone at some point for in the house).

[~] # ipkg list_installed | grep ast
asterisk-gui - 2.1.0-rc1-1 - Asterisk-GUI is a framework for the creation of graphical interfaces for configuring Asterisk.
asterisk11 - 11.5.0-1 - Asterisk is an Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit.
[~] #

Many thanks for the advice.

regards, Adrian.