Cisco-9971 phone

Hello I’m running Freepbx server on my system. I tried to ask in freepbx but I’m need of some help. I have a Cisco-9971 phone But i do not know how to set it up so i can use it with Asterisk or Freepbx. Can someone please help me. I looked online found many websites i tired a few things here and there. I even someone mange to kill my freepbx server and had to start over. I have no clue what to do and i really need help. thank you.


First of all, start with the official Cisco guide for this phone model, paying special attention to the section Configuring the Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971. During upgrade, you will need DHCP and TFTP servers which may be deployed on the same machine where Asterisk runs.

By the way, have you already set up any SIP softphone together with your Asterisk instance? If not - it should be the first step to perform since setting up a Cisco IP Phone is more complicated. For a Softphone, try X-Lite.

Hello Pentium-5 yes i have already setup a cisco spa phone adapter onto my system and a soft phone X-lite. I’m able to do everything even make calls in and out. Server is working great. The phone its self was a birthday gift from a friend of mine.