Asterisk for automatic calls?

Hi all,

I’m looking to replace a system we are using for placing automatic phone calls.

We activate an “alarm” in the system, and a number of persons should be called either at the the same time, or one by one until someone replies. In parallel we have SMS sent to a list, and in the end of the alarm an email is sent we the information about who answered.

Some sort of interface should exist to modify the persons to call for each “alarm”

Is this something that could be done with Asterisk, or is it not at all meant for something like this?

I’m not looking to develop myself, we will hire someone to do the development, I just want to find the right tool to use for now, and make sure that what we want to do is actually possible to do by ourselves.

Thanks in advance for all inputs and ideas!

Best regards,
Jesper Nielsen

call files or AMI originate

AMI originate is your best shot, I have done this several time… USING PHP scripting also Bash scripting do the Job