IVR only. What hardware to use?

Here is another newbie question.

I want to set up a call attendant that will need to access a mysql database.

It will only be taking incoming calls. I’m going to use exgn.net for a termination service (routing from a toll free number). Initially I am going to have the asterisk software on a linux box at my house.

Since there are no phones connecting to it, what is the best digium card to use? Or do I need a card?

Thanks. I’ve so much to learn!

You don’t need a card to accept or make VoIP calls, just a network connection. Incidentally, receiving PSTN calls is called ‘origination’ and making them is called ‘termination’, so you’ll be getting origination service from EXGN. Any time a DID is involved it is for origination.

I have no experience with EXGN but it looks promising. Does anyone have any opinions?

Thanks for the info and the syntax correction.

Also if anyone has used exgn.net, I would love to hear some feedback on them.