Can a call be transfered from an analogue phone to an IP phone in asterisk?

Is it possible to transfer a call from an analogue phone to my IP phone in asterisk? Can anyone please help me with the configuration or how to go about it?

How is the analogue phone connected to Asterisk?

I have an analogue phone(Landline) from a service provider to my office. I want it to be able to transfer a call from the landline to the various IP phones which work with asterisk.

Can you clarify further - what do you mean by transfer, and do you want callers to be directed to an IP phone in Asterisk?

Yes. What I mean is that, when a person from outside calls the landline and wants to reach or talk to a particular desk which uses an IP phone, he or she is directed using the already existing extensions configured on extensions.conf.

You would need to buy a device (such as a physical card or a VoIP adapter) which can direct the calls into Asterisk, once there it is treated as any other call and you can send it to a VoIP phone. The other option would be to port the number to a VoIP provider if possible and no longer have a landline.

Thanks jcolp. What kind of physical card can I buy. Also, if I port the number to a VoIP provider can I still be reached by other landlines which aren’t ported to a VoIP provider

He’s talking of cards like these although you can also use SIP gateway devices.

Asterisk can interconnect calls from any of the supported channel technologies, at least to the extent that they share common capabilities (although it can transcode if there are no codecs in common).

Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate your help.