Analog to SIP Device?


I recently installed an Asterisk server for testing. I was wondering if theres a device that would convert my analog line into a digital (sip/iax) line. For example, I would plug the tel line directly into this device so, if I recieve a call I can have Asterisk answer with a menu: press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, and so on.

What I’m trying to do here is use my current land line with the current phone number and use asterisk as an answering service.

Thanks in advanced for you help.

Asterisk can do it for you, what you need to do is to buy an analog card from Digium or any other card compatible with Asterisk.
You can also buy an ATA where you plug your land line and then connect it to Asterisk via SIP or IAX connection. Look for ATAs from GrandStream for example or IAXy from Digium.

Another option is a so-called “VoIP gateway”, eg. Linksys 3102: … a-3102.htm