Calls Answered Stats


New user here!

Could someone let me know how to find out what the stats are on calls answered within a specific time period?

I have found the ‘Master’ csv file in var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv which looks like it might contain a lot of the information required but I’m not sure what data each column holds.

Hopefully someone can either advise me on this or point me along the right way to get stats such as these (I was given these by someone else but dont know how to get them!):

Extension | Calls Answered
100 | 394
101 | 5
103 | 15
104 | 32

Thanks :smile:

Update - I’ve found out var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/Master shows outgoing calls only - is there something similar for incoming calls?

This may be helpful:

Thats great - thanks for your help.

I managed to find it and have had a play about creating my own report and have also tried SAM Reports - does anyone recommend the full version of this or any alternatives?