CDR log is not accurate

I have two issues with the CDR:

  1. Not all outgoing calls are being logged in the CDR database or Master.csv. Seems like it’s randomly putting entries in there.
  2. Sometimes it will log a call as “No Answer” when in fact the call was answered successfully.

Can anyone suggest ways to debug the CDR and in particular these two issues?


After doing some more research on issue 1:

I found an entry in the CDR that tied back to the original call I was investigating. The CDR is as follows:

“479186”,“phonenumber”,“h”,“broadcast-more”,“phonenumber”,“SIP/vp11-779b”,"",“Hangup”,"",“2007-04-19 17:37:54”,“2007-04-19 17:41:25”,211,0,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”

As you can see this has a status of ANSWERED. Does anyone know why this is accompanied with the dst of “H” and dstchannel of “Hangup”? I would expect to see dst set to nothing and a dstchannel showing the actual channel used to make the call i.e. SIP/vp11/phonenumber (which is what it shows in the CDR for successful calls).

In this particular example we were using asterisk to place an automated call to a phone number and playback a message. According to the “full” log and the dialplan, the call was successfully placed, the message played back and the call hungup. What really happened was no call was actually made (the phone we sent it to never rang and no call was logged at voicepulse).

If anyone can help shed some light on this I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance.