CDR , How to

Hey guys,

I am looking for CDR ,and the BesT way to deal with them

1)can anyone susgesst the best way to deal wit hCDR?

Currently i am using the Master.csv located in the /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/Master.csv
it doesnt contains the header field for each columns 9is not a big deal ,but if it can be fixed its better.

2)i am looking on a better way to monitor our employees & their Calls , can anyone point me on a better tool or way to configure the CDR into a better shape?

  1. is there any way in ASTERISK that can give me a statistics on the "sip-messages received’ ? like how many 487 , 603, 480 received from the other ASterisk server?

Thanks in advanced

Hey guys

any update?

can anyone help with the above?

or maybe point me to a GOOD-CDR Billing Software?

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have you tried

to use csv is not the best practice IMHO , you can set an mysql backend and use an web tool for it which can generate PDF or Exel files.

To get statistics on the "sip-messages received’ I personally use an sniffer app , in my case it’s tshark, console version of ethereal, I use it like so :
tshark -n -z -q sip,stats

hope it will be helpful ,
Good luck.