Calling a list of phone numbers using ARI

I have an internal number, a 401 number, and a list of client mobile numbers that I call every day. When I call, some clients are offline, some don’t pick up, someone drops my call and my wait takes a long time. Is it possible to somehow organize an automatic call to a list of clients using ARI? I’m not asking you to write code, I need to understand how to implement it at logic levels. As I understand it, I need to ask Asterisk to call the list of clients and if the client picks up the phone, Asterisk should call back to the internal 401 number to connect me with this client? Perhaps there are some other options, I will be grateful for tips on how to implement such an automatic call to a list of phone numbers

What is a 401 number?

Why the ARI constraint.

Check the laws in your country. Whilst this is not full predictive dialling (for which there are Asterisk based products), it is close enough that you will probably be subject to laws against silent calls. You are likely to have to guarantee that most calls to the “401 number” will be picked up immediately.

This is the internal number of Asterisk from which I make calls to mobile numbers through the GSM gateway.

I have no goal of making quiet calls. All mobile numbers that I dial are the phone numbers of my clients who know me personally and I do not engage in spam, telemarketing or anything illegal. Silent calls are the most convenient in terms of saving time, but if a call from a list of phone numbers is ordinary, with my participation this will also be great.

Now the CDR and the future list of phone numbers are stored in the mysql database. My idea is to make a website that will be hosted on the same server as Asterisk, on the website page there will be a call button and when clicked, Asterisk will start calling phone numbers. Whether it is a quiet call or a regular one, it doesn’t matter to me, the main thing is that I control the call that came from my softphone, which has an extension number 401 through the website.

I found information where I can use Asterisk Call Files, but this option doesn’t suit me because I need to use more complex logic in automating calls, for example, if a client did not accept my call, then reschedule it to the next day and add a note to it. There are also paid solutions, but they are cumbersome and you need to understand them. It’s easier for me to create something simpler myself, since I consider my task to be an entry-level one

To implement automatic calling using Asterisk’s ARI, you’ll need a script to manage outbound calls to your client list. When a client answers, the script can initiate a call to your internal 401 number and bridge the two calls, connecting you with the client. Ensure error handling and logging mechanisms are in place for monitoring and troubleshooting.

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There is nothing there that strikes me as a good match for ARI. I’d say call files, or AMI/dialplan/CLI originate, and possibly local channels on the outgoing side, with dialplan, and AGI for the remaining logic.

Vicidial is the Asterisk based software usually recommended for outgoing campaigns, but I have no personal knowledge of it, and it is probably more for call centres.

I think any solution will be non-trivial.

Thank you

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