Callfile with Realtime

Hi at all!

since I’m using Realtime it seems that callfiles don’t work properly. As a callfile is executed the phone rings as expected. But asterisk (V hangs up immediately as the call is answered.

My callfile:

Channel: SIP/1 Callerid: <123> Context: test Extension: 100 Priority: 1

My extensions.conf

[code] [general]

switch => Realtime/test@extensions


My Realtime-Extensions in mysql:

cont|ext|pr|App ----+---+-+--------- test|100|1|Answer ----+---+-+--------- test|100|2|SayNumber,123

Error message on the cli:

I am confused because as I change the extension in the table above from “100” to “s” everything works fine.

Does anybody has a hint?


Asterisk forward your call of SIP/1 to the default context instead of the test. What you do is just change the context name in your real time database from test to default and check it out.


Thank you for your answer. I have changed the context in the mysql database from “test” to “default”.

The phone rings as before but unfortunately there is still the same error message and asterisk hangs up as the call is answered.

Some further ideas?

The messages is clear: Your Device SIP/1 was sent to default context at s extension and not found it. So correct the call file or create the extension:

[default] exten => s,1, Answer() same => n,(Your applications) ... ... ..

Yo can use the s extension just to send to another context or priority if you want.

@navaismo: I don’t understand what your code example should tell me?

All my extensions are stored in mysql database not in a file…

its the same thing Im using realtime too with mysql. Each row represent a line in a file.

Can’t find s in default is the result of a failed fallback action. Simply adding the extension is probably the wrong thing. You need to know why it is trying to fall back.

@navaismo: But this wasn’t a valid callfile you presented here?!

@david55: How to investigate it?