Real time Asterisk database doubt?

hai all…
we know that if we set a variable in the extension.conf dial plan by using the Set application and the variables names… can we use the same in the mysql realtime database context…???
i am using call file to make a out bound call and this is what i have used in the call file…

Context: realtime
Extension: 555
Set: PassedInfo= 1555
Priority: 1
RetryTime: 40
WaitTime: 25

                   my extension.conf is like this...

exten => 555,1,Set(NumberDialed=${CUT(PassedInfo,1)})
exten => 555,2,SetCDRUserField(${NumberDialed})
exten => 555,3,Answer()
exten => 555,5,Playback(Welcome)
exten => 555,n,Hangup()

we will get the value “1555” in the userfiled cdr table …
my question is can we do the same by using the realtime mysql extension table…??
anyone had done similer to this…please help…i tried this but some error is showing…like this tat it is not getting the argument…

Oct 8 11:54:45 ERROR[7295]: app_cut.c:391 acf_cut_exec: CUT() requires an argument
– Executing Set(“SIP/202-0a035188”, “(NumberDialed=”)
– Executing SetCDRUserField(“SIP/202-0a035188”, “”)
== Auto fallthrough, channel ‘SIP/202-0a035188’ status is 'UNKNOWN’
Oct 8 11:54:45 NOTICE[7295]: pbx_spool.c:279 attempt_thread: Call completed to SIP/202
– Saved useragent “X-Lite release 1011s stamp 41150” for peer 202