Realtime Errors

Hi All

I have configured asterisk with the addons and setup my config files so that i can pull sip extensions (phones) from a mysql database.

I have followed all the docs and have editted my extconfig.conf res_mysql.conf and sip.conf to contain all that is advised.

From the CLI i can see realtime has a connection and is able to load the user but when I plug in the voip phone it fails to register. My database content matches that of other phones in the sip.conf. If i remove the database user and add it direct into sip.conf the phone connects fine.

Any help would be appreciated as its driving me mad now :smiley:

CLI> realtime mysql status
Connected to asterisk@, port 3306 with username scott for 22 minutes, 47 seconds.

CLI> realtime load sipusers name 114
Column Name Column Value
-------------------- --------------------
id 1
name 114
callerid 114
canreinvite yes
context default
dtmfmode info
fromuser 114
fullcontact 114
nat no
secret 114
type friend
username 114
disallow all
allow g729
allow ilbc
allow gsm
allow ulaw
allow alaw
regseconds 0
cancallforward yes

Nov 21 12:52:55 NOTICE[15585]: chan_sip.c:10793 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘sip:114@’ failed for ‘’ - Username/auth name mismatch


check your ip or the full contact field…

other than that, everything seems to be ok…

i don’t use all the realtime variables…

only the ones i need…


I have tried both of these with no success :frowning:

I to will only use those that i need but while i am trying to get it working i thought it best i do what the documentation tells me :laughing:

Many Thanks
Scott Pinhorne