Callfiles with Realtime

Hi at all!

since I’m using Realtime it seems that callfiles don’t work properly. As a callfile is executed the phone rings as expected. But asterisk (1.6) hang up immediately as the call is answered.

My callfile:

Channel: SIP/1
Callerid: <123>
Context: test
Extension: 100

My Realtime-Extensions:


Error message on the cli:

Channel ‘SIP/1-0000001’ sent into invalid extension ‘s’ in context ‘default’, but no invalid handler

It’s wired that as I change the extension in the table above from “100” to “s” everything works fine.

Does anybody has a hint?


you need to specify a priority in your callfile. otherwise, it uses ‘s’ as default.

I have added a further line to my callfile “Priority: 1”.
Unfortunately this does not solve the problem.