I’m trying to setup voicemail so when I hit the messages button on my polycom and hit connect it uses the CALLERIDNUM as the login and then just prompts for password. I have it like VoicemailMain(${CALLERIDNUM}@vm-context)
but in the output it just has @vm-context
why would calleridnum be empty?? am i missing something

If you’re using version 1.4, you’ll need to use ${CALLERID(num)}.

whooo! YAY! Do you know I spent hours thinking it was some stupid config issue. For the love of whatever god you deem holy is there not any documentation I can read to see correct syntax for stuff?

Anyway, thanks working great now.

Basically, use Google and preface everything you search with “asterisk”. Usually the first thing that will come up is for the Pickup() command.

Usually works for everything.