Asterisk, OpenSER & VoiceMail 1.2 -> 1.4, CALLERIDNUM


Upgraded my old 1.2 server to 1.4 asterisk. Installed my old conf files. Everything seems to work nicely except when calling from OpenSER registered users to mailbox. Old times the CALLERIDNUM included the SIP URI of the caller, but with 1.4 the CALLERIDNUM seem to be empty. Below is the debug row from asterisk

Executing [mailbox@sip:1] VoiceMailMain(“SIP/mysipuri-09fa6a58”, “”) in new stack

What could be wrong with my configurations ?

In extensions.conf I do have this kind of rows
; VoiceMail
exten => mailbox, 1, VoicemailMain(${CALLERIDNUM})
exten => mailbox, 2, Wait(3)
exten => mailbox, 3, Hangup

Thank you zillion times,
- Mika

did you reach the UPGRADE.txt file and the CHANGELOG ? CALLERIDNUM is no more … use CALLERID(num) instead.


Humble thanks. I have been too careless when reading the documentation and understood the channelvariables.txt a bit wrong. I am sorry for asking stupids.


don’t worry about it … the first 1.2 => 1.4 test i did, i had already read about the change, but still managed to not implement it !

it seems to me that the text files in the tarball are getting more and more crucial and well worth reading when you do any upgrade.

i’ve been dreading playing with Asterisk and assorted PCI ISDN cards (hfc, avm fritz and winbond 6692) … but today i found some time to try it … quick read of the docs and within 30 mins i have a function ISDN system with cards that cost less than a beer.