Unable to see the number people are calling me

Hi All,
When i receive the call , i see my own Trunk ID, but it doesn’t show the number of people who are calling me.

Please help me on this. What should i do so that i can see the number people are calling me from.


You need to supply more information, or nobody is able to help you.

Where do you see your own number? Generally, Master.csv should contain everything you need, :innocent: .

Master.csv does’t get written until the call ends.

On re-reading several times, I think they are saying they are not receiving caller ID. That is because one of:

  • the upstream system isn’t sending it;
  • the upstream system is sending it but not in a way that Asterisk has been configured to recognize it;
  • their channel configuration file (chan_dahdi.conf, iax.conf, sip.conf, etc.); is overwriting it;
  • their dialplan is overwriting it with he CALLERID function.

We need to know which channel technology is being used.

We need protocol traces confirming that the upstream system is actually sending it, and how.

We need the channel driver configuration files.

If none of those show the problem, we will need the dialplan.

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