Caller ID Issues with D60 endpoints


I would like to preface this with I am new to Asterisk and digium systems.
I am running a Digium Switchvox SMB edition Version 6.7 PBX
We recently switched over to the Digium D60 endpoints coming from the D50
I was able to setup everything with no issues and switch the users over.
Once my users were switched over I was informed that internal caller ID works OK, but no incoming calls from outside our office shows caller ID info. I have been searching the Digium Knowledgebase and online resources for a couple of days and I have not come across anything similar to my issue. I have ran a packet capture but am unsure what I am looking for specifically. I was reading one suggestion in the knowledgebase that said to look for
< Message type: SETUP (5)
< Message type: FACILITY (98)
but these are not showing in the log file I grabbed.

I am hoping that it is something in the endpoint setup that I missed and not an actual issue. Does anyone here have experience with these D60 endpoints who may be able to guide me in the right direction?


You’ll have to run this down with Support. The Support folk don’t traverse this community forum.

I will note that the software running on a D60 and the software running on a D50 are almost identical w.r.t. call handling. It’d be shocking, given the same firmware revisions, if a D50 rendered caller name/number information and a D60 didn’t.

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