Call Waiting

I have a trixbox box up and running, i was able to set up a cell phone as trunk over bluetooth with chan_mobile following this
Also i was able to setup Inbound Route to IVR.

So when you call the cell phone number, Asterisk picks up and sends the call to the IVR menu options.

When i call from any phone to the cell phone number, Asterisk picks up the call like i said before.
When you grab another phone and call the cell phone number (second call) wile the first call is in progress, Asterisk does not pick up the call, it just rings at the caller end and you can also see it coming in on the cell phone screen and finally goes to the very cell phone voice mail.
It is like Asterisk is not even aware of the second call coming in.

What i like to do is that when the second call comes in have Asterisk do the same than with the firs call and put it on some sort of hold till the extension is free to pick up.

So any ways… any help or advise on setting this up will be very much appreciated. Even a link with directions to follow will do, i should be able to figure it out. I’m new to Asterisk but i can find my way around.

Thank you!


The air interface can only support media for one call at a time.