How to install Asterisk with one phone cord

I am putting in my first Trixbox and I was told that I may need to make some modifications somewhere in Asterisk since I will only have one phone cord going to the system. I have searched everywhere but I cannot find any documentation. Could anyone give me some insight? Thanks!

where does the phone cord go?
does it go to a phone?
does it go to the wall?

It will plug from the phone card in the server directly into the wall. I was told that some phone systems have 8 of these but we have to design it for just one.

With one phone line plugged in you are only going to be able to handle one call at a time. I would assume ifyou attempt to make a second call while there is a call going on the second caller will get a “circuits busy” message. If there is a second inbound call attempt while there is call going on the inbound caller should get a busy.

An option for you might be to use a third party VOIP provider (I use Telasip, but there are others) to provide inbound and outbound calling. You would define trunks for the VOIP provider, and then you would be able to make multiple simultaneous (depending on the provider) inbound and outbound calls through them.

I have a customer where we needed to gradually cut over from analog lines to my Telasip customers. We had AT&T put a feature called “Call Forward Multi-Path” on the main incoming line and forward that to the Telasip number I assigned to my customer. That effectively sent all of my customer’s calls from AT&T to my system until we could get their number ported.

Good luck.