Asterisk will not take more than one call at a time

My set up is as follows. Google Voice --> Gizmo5 <-- Asterisk 1.4

I have setup everything and it seems to work fine. The only problem I have is that if one caller is on the line (cell or land line) the next caller (cell or land line) will just get a constant ring. The odd thing is that If I call directly to gizmo5 with a soft phone and use a cell or land line phone then both calls will be taken simultaneously (it works). It is only when 2 phones (cell or land line) call at the same time that the first caller gets through and the 2nd one does not. Another oddity is that the asterisks logs show that it answered and is talking to the 2nd caller wile the 2nd caller’s phone is still ringing.
I hope this is enough information.



sorry double post

I have the same problem. Someone know whats up?