Simultaneous inbound calls not working

Asterisk 18.6.0
Ubuntu 20.04

I’m trying to configure asterisk to be able to accept multiple inbound calls.

I am using Telephone, and Zoiper as softphones.
I can make internal calls between extensions (between softphones). But, when I call the number responsible for inbound call after accepting first inbound call, it plays busy tone and hangs up a few seconds later.

I checked sip log with sip debug on. But there is no information related to second inbound call showing.

Also, I contacted my ITSP and clarified about it. But they responded it’s up to the asterisk server.

Could anyone help me on this one?
Could you explain me how inbound calls work in asterisk or in general?

Your ITSP is probably right. You need to show the debug output. core set verbose 3 is probably sufficient.

Assuming that the first call was logged, indicating that you entered the right command, even though you have quoted it wrongly here, if there is no trace of the second call that is entirely the result of actions by something outside of Asterisk. I would assume that it is a commercial limitation by the ITSP, but I suppose there could be some weird behaviour in a router.

your question does not contain any detail about the problem, if we follow it to the letter : you made one inbound call since you installed Asterisk and subsequent calls always gave busy tone, I mean you did not provide any information on what you do to get back again to the state where the first call starts to work …

Sorry, seems like I misinterpreted it. I am always able to make one inbound call at a time. When I try to make second inbound call while another one inbound call is already being made (i.e. someone is speaking to someone), I get a busy tone and phone hangs up after few seconds.

What I want is to not miss other calls while someone is talking on the phone.

That all depends on what your ISP is doing. If your VoIP product is limited to a single call, the service provider likely signals the BUSY condition and nothing reaches your Asterisk server. You may have to ask them.

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