Call Waiting - How to accomplish this

Here’s how my setup is. I have a standard Asterisk install on my Debian box, using Teliax. I have the LinkSys Sipura 3000 VoIP adapter hooked to my POTS internal house line. That’s pretty much it, and everything works wonderfully. With Teliax, we get 3 channels, so if someone is on the phone, and Asterisk receives another call, it rings for the caller and they hit voicemail. I have no problem with this, but how can I make the phone beep like a “standard” telephone system would (where I would hit flash and switch to the other call).

Any tips? Thanks

What do you mean by “beep” like a standard telephone system ? When exaclty does it beep and which side ?

Have the same question. How to make call waiting work with a pure sip setup (without the digium cards). What the author of the post meant (probably) is a “call waiting” beep. Normally, when a “call waiting” feature is activated and you are on a telephone with someone and you receive another incomming call, you will hear a beep, which means that you have received another incomming call. From now on you would put the person, you are talking with, on hold, and answer to the incomming call you’ve just received.

I think that this is related more to the functionality of your phone or soft phone. For example, if you have a phone with a key for each call and a call limit set to more than 2 you would simply put your first call on hold and select your second call.
Asterisk will attempt to present the call to the phone if the phone and the settings allow more than one active call at a time. If your phone cannot support this then it returns ‘busy’ and asterisk deals with that according to your dial plan.
If your phone can cope then it does whatever it is configured to do in that situation, i.e. ring or beep until you select the other call or the call times out.

So, check your phones own config and enable call waiting or specify call waiting behaviour or whatever you need to do on your own particular setup.


Thanks a lot for your answer. It’s just confusing that for T1/E1 lines in zapata.conf there is an option to enable callwaiting (callwaiting=yes) and in SIP it is a feature of a telephone.

I assume it can work on Zap extensions, probably exactly as you would wish, but I don’t have any so I do not know. The setting is probably more geared to zap extensions than zap incoming lines.
Perhaps one of the real experts can answer that one for you.


I’ve setup two boxes, one with a digium TDM card and the call waiting works fine by simply flashing the line (analog phones) and the other with a X100P and call waiting does not work. I too would like to know the TRUE way of getting this to work with all phones (SIP and analog) on incoming ZAP calls.

this is an issue i am currently facing at work. my customers want to hear that beeping tone that indicates an incoming call. how to get this to work is my issue. still reasearching though…has anyone figured this out ?

The generation of the beep is something that’s done by the SIP phone.

11.5 years on is a bit late to the party on this thread. :wink: