Call waiting timeout

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I have a quick question about call waiting timeout, I searched but I can’t find nothing sure about this. Is possible to configure Asterisk to wait a particular time before hangup the waiting call not answered?

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Can you be more precise. I can’t work out if you are talking about the Dial application, the Queue application, or something else. Both of those have parameters that cause the application to be abandoned if the outgoing call isn’t answered within a certain time.

Thanks for your help. I’m configuring Asterisk 1.2.4 as ATA on a Linux box and I’d like to be able to configure a timeout (for example 15 seconds) after that the waiting call have to be automatically hangup.

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1.2.4 is no longer supported. I believe it will not automatically hang up the caller, even if the callee answers and then hangs up.

The currently supported versions both will automatically hang up (subject to the network supporting called party clearing) and have a parameter on the Dial application, which specifies how long to be wait before abandoning the call (I don’t know if 1.2 has that parameter).

ok, thank you a lot. Do you remember the configuration option name so I can verify if it exists on 1.2?

It’s the second parameter of the Dial application. It is purely positional, although the help text calls it “ring-timeout”.

ok, thank you for all, you’re very kind.

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