Asterisk Missed Outbound Call Setup

Hi ,

I am trying to develop a missed call services on my asterisk server(SIP Server),

where i am generating calls using call files and want to disconnect calls without answering it,
the issue in asterisk is all the call flow has to go through the dial plan app, what I want is the system should dial out a number ring and disconnect.

I tried in AGI by set autohangup, hangup , also tried

exten => h,1,noop

but no luck , any insight on this will be of great help.

Use [color=#0000FF]WaitTime[/color]:[color=#000000][/color] in your call file.

Here [color=#0000BF]WaitTime [/color]= How many seconds to wait for an answer before the call fails (ring cycle). Defaults to 45 seconds.


Hi Manish,

Thanks works like charm.

Appreciate your help.

Best Regards
Chetan Jha