Attended transfer

Hi all

I just configured my asterisk server for both inbound and outbound calls

I need to use attended transfer…That means A calls B then B holds A and calls C introduces A

Then B Hangs up and call automatically connects to A & C…
is that possible with X lite…How can I do that…I am using asterisk 1.4 with free PBX

It is possible to do it with Asterisk features using X-Lite. You use DTMF sequences, rather than dedicated buttons.

Native support is part of what you pay for when you buy Eyebeam.

Hi David

can u please brief me what u mean by DTMF sequence…

If I am using eyebeam thing will become earlier?

sorry I mean easier…

You can edit your features.conf an uncomment the attended transfer by default the code is *2 so when you need to transfer a call just digit *2 and done you can place the attended transfer

Eyebeam enables the XFER button, allowing you to do SIP transfers. Asterisk supports SIP transfers in its default configuration.

If you go for features transfers, you also need to make sure that the Dial application parameters include “t” and/or “T”, depending on which parties are allowed to initiate transfers.

Thank you very much David, I almost done.

But when A calls B and , B *2 then C . Then C rings and takes call. But after that when B hangs up the call is not
connecting to A . It just calls back to B…I think I missed one step in between this…please help me

If you are doing SIP transfers, that is a function of the phone. Some phones may require you to press transfer again, to complete the transfer, or may require another key to be pressed.

SIP transfers are completely controlled by the phone.

No. I am using ekiga softphone which doesn’t have a transfer key.

I trying using *2 key. The transfered number is ringing bu after 4-5 seconds it automatically disconnects.If I hangs up

B before that the call will come back from A. I think it’s a call back option for failed attended transfers.