Confence using Asterisk

Hi I am using asterisk 1.4 and using polycom phone I am using meet me confenrce without any issue. But I need to use confence button and do confence for more then 3 party at a time (using polycom phone I can do only 3 party including me).Also I should be able to transfer the whole confernce to any extension.

If anyone have any idea how to do it or if you know any phone which support more than 3 party confence please let me know.


AFAIK You have to drop out of the conference, call the party you want then transfer them into the conference then join it yourself again.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply

but how can I do confence for more then 3 people using confence button because it allow only 3 party to make confence after that confence button get deactivated.

Think of old pbx where you have digital line where you can use confence button to make confenrce for more then 3 party.


You are not using an old PBX now, the conference feature of a PBX phone is used to control the feature on the PBX not the phone. The conference feature of a sip phone is a phone feature and has no infulence on *.

I have explained how you can have more than 3 and that is forget the conference key on the set an use meetme by inviting/transfering members into it.