Call transfer to IVR and retain the call

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Now we are using Asterisk 13.27 for IPPBX.We have new requirement to implement on server.

Agent(caller A) call our customer( caller B) manually using voip phone.Once our customer accept for survey Agent(caller A ) will transfer the customer(Caller B) call to IVR.

Agent( caller A) will be on hold.

Once Customer(caller B) finished the IVR .The customer(Caller B) was connect with Agent(Caller A).

Please help me on this requirement
Thank You

Start hacking Dynamic Features and Bridges. But I think between those two, or even both, you should be able to get this going.

Thanks Pitzkey.

I am new to Asterisk.Can you help me on this.

You have to start with something, and we can try to help if you get stuck.

Thanks.I am working on this with Dynamic_feature. How I transfer the customer call to IVR in Dynamic features without call disconnect.

In features.conf if i use blindtrasfer customer call connected with IVR but my call was disconnected.

Still I am not starting yet.Help me on this.

check applicationmap of /etc/asterisk/feature.conf
maybe it’ll help you!

We create callmenu and tested using attended and blind transfer was working fine.Now we ask client to transfer the call themselves to IVR.After the end of IVR the customer connect with agent.All working fine.

Our requirement is Agent initiate the Transfers.

once agent transfer the customer to IVR for Feedback
Agent was on hold and customer entering DTMFto continue the IVR.
End of IVR the call was Transfer to Agent.

yes @hsunryou .Call transfer to IVR and retain the same call