Trouble with transfers

Hi all,

Using asterisk 14 current downloaded today for testing…

I have been trying to get transfers to work in a sensible way for our needs and seem to have exhausted all the options without getting the result I’m looking for.

We have a call centre with a number of similar sip phones, we would like incoming calls to be transferrable between the call centre staff.

We use the dialplan to hook in some logging for our own needs so being able to do a transfer in the dialplan is desirable. The call features transfer methods work as expected but don’t give us the places we need to hook in the logging in the dialplan.

Trying to make use of a macro as a custom call feature works for us in other uses, but we cannot make the Transfer() application work as expected.

If we use Read and Transfer applications to get the extension, then transfer the caller to the extension entered by the user, the external call is dropped and the transfer connects the two call centre agents to each other.

We have tried various combinations of peer/self caller/callee etc on the call feature. Dial is being used with the ‘tT’ options.

Transfer gives some odd results in our testing

Transfer(100) - 404 error
Transfer(SIP/100) - 404 error
Transfer(SIP/100@agents) - 600 busy everywhere
Transfer(112@agents) - 600 busy everywhere

Does anyone have any idea what I should do?
We woud just like to make a transfer of the incoming caller to another agent, AND have the diaplan logic available for the logging we require.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


The Transfer application performs a protocol level transfer. It may or may not be supported by the device. The use of a custom call feature won’t work as it’s meant to execute a single application, not to then do a transfer and direct the call elsewhere. Can’t you change the context for DTMF based transfers using the TRANSFER_CONTEXT dialplan variable, do what you need to do on the transfer, and then Goto() the normal location?