Call Transfer Disconnect

I am running AsteriskNow with 4 sip phones, and 4 pots (analog) lines to the outside world. what i would like to do is forward an incoming call to an external phone number, and release it.

i have subscribed to the “call transfer disconnect” feature from my telco. i have tested the feature by bypassing the asterisk box completely, just plugging my lines into a 4 line analog business phone, and using a hookflask to put the 1st call on hold, manually dial the new number, wait for it to ring, hookflash to bridge the calls, and hang up to release. it works like a charm.

now here is what i would like to accomplish on my asterisk system…a customer calls in to asterisk and gets the ivr. after dialing an extension, send “busy” calls to voicemail, and send “no answer” calls to an external cellphone number. keep in mind i only have 4 incoming lines, so i would want to bridge and release to free up the lines on my asterisk box after the call goes to the cellphone.

now here is the wish list, not sure if i can do this…if a caller gets a no answer, and is sent to the external cellphone number, is there a way to attend the transfer and pull the call back on a timed (say 30 second) no answer, and drop it in the users voicemailbox on the asterisk server?

this will keep the users from having to manage 2 voicemails (cell and office), since the asterisk voicemail sends email alerts and our email is linked to our cellphones for notification.

i am definitely a noob to asterisk, and linux for that matter. i have setup my asterisk for the most part using the GUI. so if you are going to puke a bunch of command line coding at me, i understand, but please guide me as to what files to update, and their locations, etc.

Thanks for offering your advice, i sincerely appreciate the time taken on your reply.


Asterisk verson your using>
ru set features.conf correctly?


thanks for the reply. here is the build version:

Asterisk 1.4.9
Asterisk GUI-version Revision: 11425 $

Here is the current features.conf file:


this was pulled from the gui. if i need to pull data from another source let me know.

that i was asked ur not set feature mapp where u mention all this blind transfer & attended transfer plz mention in that u can check sample features.conf or go to where u get all this
or set this

blindxfer => *98 ; Blind transfer (default is #)
;disconnect => *0 ; Disconnect (default is *)
automon => *3 ; One Touch Record a.k.a. Touch Monitor
atxfer => *99

this is missing in ur file