Call Scripting

Does anyone know of a call scripting tool that can easily be integrated into Asterisk…something similar to digisoft. Many contact centres have no need for a full CRM like Sugar, but we require a complete scripting tool that will lead the agent through the conversation and take details as they go. It must have the following features:

  1. Easily customizable fields for different campaigns
  2. Integrated voice recording with a link to all recordings of calls made to that client within the call scripter.
  3. Full dialing capabilities.
  4. Ability to adjust call disposition instructions easily… for instance, if the disposition is “sale” the record is sent to a queue for the Quality Assurance to look at the record entries and listen to all the calls for that record before it is being exported.
    etc, etc.

Is there already something like this for Asterisk specifically?


There are many out there. Have a look on