Call Flow Custom Application


I want to modify the call flow to include a survey at the end of a call and have that data posted to the callrecords. As part of the survey fields, I need the bility to have a voice recording saved.

I want to make these survey fields dynamic by user and configured in a SQL database.

The survey would come on after a call has ended (called party has hung up or if incoming call calling party has hung up).

I am new to Asterick, but have experience with IVR systems and the development of them.

Thank you for your help.


You need to write an agi script to do you want, read this free good book about Asterisk, it will introduce you to Asterisk and agi scripts: .


Marco Bruni

Can I write an agi sctipt using an Asterisk Appliance? I am looking to put the minimum equipment investment for development. Is there a hosted development available where I could test agi scripts?